Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Writing Prompt

Three Minutes.

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  1. The cold iron fence cut into Adele’s hand. Aimee offered her a hastily poured cup of scotch, but even this could not rouse the betrayed maiden. Her traitorous suitor watched, horrified, as his deed reached his beloved, but Alison held him back with her conversation and a touch of magic.
    “You have done enough,” Alison said, dismissing him. “I highly advise you to leave the premises before my father releases the hounds.”
    “But it is broad daylight! The street is full! He would never do so. Let me go to her.”
    Alison lowered her voice to a poisonous hiss. “If you think that would stop our father, you have an ignorant impression indeed of our family’s loyalty. Now get your filthy hide away from our house.”
    Aimee bundled Adele inside.
    “He was so good,” Adele said, tears leaking from her eyes.
    “No,” Aimee returned sharply. “That snake was not good. You are good, dear, and we are good, but that bastard was evil.”
    Alison joined them at the hearth. “We cannot go back,” she said, heaving a book of spells from the mantle, “but we can go forward.”