Tuesday, May 10, 2011


     I finally finished editing Tales of a Lady Pirate! I've even created a cover for it, something I've discovered is extremly fun. Unfourtunatly, I'm beginning to think I might just have to do a thorough rewrite. There's a lot more I could add about the main character's life, and a cousin I came up with only after writing the book who I think will be really close to her. Besides, I've drawn a family tree of the family, and gave the main characters two more kids, who really should be mentioned later on. ;)
     In the real -- read off page -- world, spring is certainly in the air. There was a thunderstorm last night, and this afternoon it's been sunny and balmy. Lovely. As a bonus, I found out that my dad's old seminary is having a writing workshop in November, and we'll be going! So tell Katelin the good news, Carrie. I'm coming back to plauge you some more.
     Now that I've finished Tales of a Lady Pirate for a while, I should work on Lady of the Moon. Lady is the book that really got me started with my writing, and took me a year and a half to finish. I would love to get it published, but have to do some major editing first. That ought to keep me busy for a while, as will trying to get a pattern and make myself a civil war-era dress to go over my new hoopskirt! Then I can dress up as Nora for real. ;)

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