Monday, March 14, 2011

first post!

okay, i started this pattern to share my designs with those on the world of ravelry, but i'll post about my life too, i'm sure. because this is a pattern blog, the first post should, by rights, have my first 'published' pattern. :)

Stomach warmer
This is to help get rid of cramps, something I have a lot of trouble with. It consists of a crocheted cover and a cloth bag made out of the material of your choice. Try to avoid polyester, as I’m not sure how well it would do in the microwave. To use, pop the bag in the microwave to warm it up to a comforting temprature, then slide it back inside the cover so you don’t burn your poor belly!

Row one: With a size G hook, chain 41.
Rows two/three: Dc in second chain from hook, continue across the row.  You should end up with 40 dcs. Ch1, turn.
Row four: bdc across the row, ch 1, turn.
Row five: repeat steps 2-4.
Go on for as long as you want the cover to be wide when folded.  I did 154 rows, you can change this to meet your needs.  Slip stitch the top and one side together. Fasten off.  At the other end of the cover, make two 25 stitch chains on each flap to tie it shut with.

Rice bag:
On a piece of sturdy cloth, trace a rectangle the size of the cover.  Cut out two pieces this size, and sew them together with a wide seam allowance. Make two seams to allow for wear and tear on the thread. Fill the bag with rice and slide it inside the cover.

this is how it will look when finished:

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