Sunday, March 20, 2011

My B-Day!

yesterday was my birthday, and i got some awsome new yarn! can't wait to see what i end up making with it. ;)

also, i got a copy of a painting my my fave artist, j. w. waterhouse. this one:

and i got an awsome cake, a great cd,  and played soccer with my sobs for a while. all in all, it was an awsome day!
unfortunatly, it's raining today, so no soccer for now. and my great-uncle died unexpectedly yesterday, which we didn't find out about until this morning. we're all pretty upset.


i really ought to type out some more of my patterns. maybe i'll post one of those tommorrow!

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  1. Happie Birthdaie! Late! But anyway. I love that painting. :)