Thursday, March 17, 2011

my Blue Puffy Hat

the protest yesterday was much larger. there were a few thousand people this time, and we did manage to get inside the capitol building. dad and i saw an officer there that we recognized as someone who had given us a private tour when we came to the capital a month or so ago. he remembered us, too.  :)
unfortunately, i slipped and fell right in the mud towards the end. my own fault, due to a lack of coordination. my hand and coat ended up covered in the stuff, but my dress was spared. we ended up leaving soon after anyway. some guy was nice enough to see me fall and try to help me clean up my hand a little with his water bottle! LOL.

anyway, this is my second pattern. it's for a hat that was originally supposed to be a tam. the 'tam' turned out too small and i was sick of the project by then, so just made a wide 'brim' of sorts. it actually turned out quite nicely, and i managed to make myself a real tam a while later.

[American terminology:
SC=single crochet

with a size g hook and worsted weight yarn...

round 1.  ch two. SC 6 in the first chain. slipstitch last SC to first. - 6 st.
round 2.  SC 2 in each stitch. -12 st.
round 3.  *SC 1 in the first SC, SC 2 in the second SC*, repeat around the circle. -18
round 4:  *SC in each of the first two SC, then 2 SC in the next st.*  repeat. -24
round 5.  *SC in each of the first 3 SC, then SC 2 in the 4th SC.* repeat. -32

continue like this for another 18 rows. (this is the size i made it, you may need it bigger)

round 24.  decrease 1 every 10 stitches.
round 25-34.  SC in every stitch.
round 35. SC this round in another color of yarn as trim. you can also use a yarn needle to thread the second yarn through the stitches as decoration.

© Mariel Redwood


  1. I like your blog very much. It's nice to see the mixture of writing , crochet, projects and diary!